Sseggwanga Musisi has died at 89years

Sseggwanga Musisi

Former chairman of National Council of Sports (NCS) Musisi Kezekia Sseggwanga has died at the age 89.

Sseggwanga served sports and football in particular in different capacities including founding East and Central African Football Association (CECAFA).

He became chairman of National Council of Sports for two years from 1978.

Sseggwanga succumbed to a combination of diabetes, hypertension and cancer which had kept him in and out of hospital for a while.

Some achievements of Musisi Kezekia Sseggwanga

Current Age: 89years

1978-1980: Chairman National Council of Sports (NCS)

1972-1974: FUFA Chairman

1969-1972: Buganda Football Associations Boss

1968-1969: Kampala District Football Association Chairman

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